Follow few simple steps shown as below to lock apps on Android:- 

Step 1: To lock Apps on Android, download & Install “App Lock” App from Google play store on Visit Here

Step 2: Once the app gets successfully downloaded and installed the icon will be shown on your home screen.

Step 3: Open the app and you will see some steps to follow, in the first step you have to draw, your unlock pattern for android app lock.

How to lock apps on android

Step 4: Then in the second step, you have to confirm your pattern, finally, in the third step you have to enter your security email, then click on the save button.

Step 5: Select the app which you want to lock, once you click on the app it will ask you for the permission.

How to lock apps on android

Step 6: Simply you have to grant the permission to lock your app and your app gets locked.

How to lock apps on android

In this way, your app can lock on android.