How to Keep Computer from Sleeping

Steps to turn off sleep mode on the computer are as follows:

Step 1. Type Control Panel in the search box beside the Start menu and tap on it.

Step 2. It will open the Control Panel app from where you select the “System and Security” option. As shown in the below image:

Step 3. From the further panel choose the “Power Options.” Check in the below image:

Step 4. It’ll prompt you to a new page. Here you have to click on the “Change plan settings” to make changes. As shown in the below image:

Step 5. Afterwards, besides “Put the Computer to Sleep” option you will see the timer set which makes your system to sleep after the specified time. As you can see in below image it is set to 10 minutes in our case:

Step 6. Tap on these fields and from the drop-down list; you can choose the “Never” option to wakeup computer from sleep mode. When changed the settings click on the Save changes button below. Check in the below image to understand the steps:

Step 7. That’s it; you successfully removed the sleep mode from your system.