A step by step guide to jailbreak an iPhone:

How to Jailbreak iPhone

Step 1. Firstly update your phone with the latest IOS software version by visiting Settings then select General and then Software Update.

Step 2. Now you’ll require any iPhone jailbreak apps on your PC. You could download Electra or LiberiOS.

Step 3. Now download Cydia Impactor on your PC this will help you in transferring the jailbreak apps for IOS to your iPhone.

Step 4. Plug your iPhone to your PC, it will automatically launch iTunes on your PC. Close iTunes window.

Step 5. Now open Cydia Impactor, you’ll see that it has already recognized your iPhone which is connected to the PC.

Step 6. You’ll now have to drag Electra1131-1.0-vfs or the jailbreaking app which we downloaded before and drop it to the iPhone interface, it will ask for your Apple id & password, input it, this will download the jailbreak app on your iPhone device.

Step 7. Now unplug your iPhone, click on Settings and the General and the Profile, here you’ll have to configure Electra.

Step 8. Now press on the Electra App and then select Jailbreak.

Step 9. The Jailbreak setup will take a few minutes and then your iPhone will be successfully jailbroken.