Reversing screen colors is a common accessibility feature that is available in almost all current operating systems. macOS also offers an option to do this on your Mac. Using this feature can help you view text or content that could otherwise be a burden on your eyes. Inverting colors is also a very useful feature at night, as it basically changes all the white text on the screen to black, which is comparatively easier to read in the dark.

Earlier versions of OS X (up to OS X Lion) had a quick keyboard shortcut (Command + Option + 8) enabled by default to allow you to invert your screen colors, but that has changed in newer versions of macOS. The option is still available, it is only in the System Preferences of your Mac.

How to Invert Colors on Mac

Step 1. Go to applications in finder on your Mac. Open system preferences.

Step 2. Double click on the option accessibility.

Step 3. Then click on Display.

Step 4. You will be able to find the option Invert colours.

Step 5. Check on the box next to it.

Step 6. Now you can see that your display color would have already changed.

Step 7. Now to reverse the colour to the original one you have one shortcut.

Step 8. Press [Control+Option+Command+8]

Step 9. Now the display will change back to its original color.