OBB or Data file is a supporting developer file that contains the Graphics files, Media files etc. for the Apps in encryption form. One can not directly install APK with OBB or Data file on their Smartphone devices. Mainly such packages are used in Game Apps. So, If you want to install and run any Apk with OBB or Data file on your Android device, then this guide is for you.

Here you will get the simple way to install APK with OBB or Data file on Android device. Let’s learn the installation process in detail.

How to Install APK OBB/data file on Android

First, understand what is the requirement for installing APK with ODB/Data file on Android devices:

  • APK file
  • OBB or Data File
  • PC/Laptop
  • SD Card

PC/Laptop is required to extract the OBB/Data package file. So that later we can easily move the complete OBB or Data file on your Android Device. Let’s start the installation process.

Installation of APK with OBB/Data file comprises of mainly 2 steps. First, we are normally gonna install APK file on our smartphone device and then we will move the OBB or Data file for Complete Installation.

#1. How to Install APK on Android Device

Step 1: First Download the APK file and move this .apk file to your device External Storage (SD Card) to save the device space.

Step 2: Once moved, then tap on it to install this .apk on your device.

Install APK OBB data file on Android

Step 3: While installing, disconnect data connection from the mobile both sim and Wi-Fi data.

Step 4: Once the installation process is finished, exit the app and don’t open it. Now. You need to place the OBB/Data file before you open it.

Install APK OBB data file on Android

Note: if you are downloading the file from external source, allow installation from a third party as shown in below image.

Install APK OBB data file on Android

#2. Placing the OBB or Data File

Step 1: Before placing the OBB or data file, you have to extract this OBB or Data file on your PC or Laptop. Once extracted, then you are ready to move this extracted folder on your Android Device.

Step 2: To move this folder, you can connect your Android device to PC or directly use Shareit or other sharing apps for file transfer.

The path where the OBB/Data file should be placed:-

External SD Card > Android > Data > *paste it here*.

If it is OBB folder, the path would be:

External SD Card > Android > OBB > *paste it here*.

If you can’t find the folder, create it manually.

Install APK OBB data file on Android

Step 3: Once it is copied successfully, open the app still without the data connection.

Step 4: If the App or Game starts with telling you to download anything, the process is completed. If not start again from installing the APK.

That’s it.

This is the simple process to install any apk file with OBB or data file. You can easily install and play your Game on your Android device after following all the above-mentioned steps.