Go through with these hassle-free steps given below to insert the Em Dash in Google Docs. This procedure helps you to Create an Em Dash (alternative to brackets, hyphen (-) and underscore (_) keys) is a blink of an eye.

Step 1.  Open your Google Document by visiting the docs.google.com link in your browser.

Step 2.  After that, Insert the Em Dash in Google Docs, you have to select any document from Google Docs List.

Step 3.  Then this will open your Google Docs File in your screen. You need to click on the “Insert” option showing on the right-middle on the Menu Bar of Google Docs Window.

Step 4.  A drop-down list will be open up, and you need to select the “Special Characters” tab appear in the middle of the list.

Step 5.  After that, A pop-up box having various symbols and styles will show up in the Window. You need to Search “Em Dash” in the search bar appear on the right side of the blocks.

Step 6.  Then, the Em dash Option will come up in the screen. After adding em or en dash to Google docs and you need to press the close button showing on the top-right side of the page.

Step 7. After then, copy Em dash symbol from the Google Docs and then hit to the “Tool” tab appearing in the menu section.

Step 8.  A drop-down list will open; you need to choose “Preferences” from the bottom of the list.

Step 9. Again A pop-up will appear, move the cursor toward the Replace segment and then add “Double Hyphen” on it.

Step 10. After that, insert the Em Dash in Google Docs to replace it and then select the “OK” tab showing on the bottom of the box.

Step 11. At last, you can Create an Em Dash in Google Docs by using the Alt-0151 in your keyboard.

Through these steps, you will easily Insert the Em Dash in Google Docs.