Follow these incredibly easy steps through which you can Insert Text Box In Google Docs in less than a minute.

Step 1.  Open a list of documents in your Google Docs Folder. You need to opt on in which you want to Add Text Box In Google Docs.

Step 2.  After opening a Google Document, Choose the text and then copy if you want to Insert Text Box In.

Step 3.  After that, move your cursor towards the menu bar of the page and click on the “Insert” tab showing on the fourth from the right.

Step 4.  A Drop- Down List will be open up. Select the “Drawing” option following the new file from the list.

Step 5.  Through this, A pop-up page will appear on your screen. You need to choose the “Text Box” option showing in the toolbar of the page.

Step 6.  Insert Text Box In Google Docs and paste the copied content in it. You can also change its size and shape according to your wish.

Step 7.  After that, you can also add colour or give border in the Text box by hitting the “Pencil” icon in the toolbar.

Step 8.  You can choose suitable Border to Put Text Box in Google Documents.

Step 9.  At last, after getting done with all the formatting in the Text Box, you need to hit the “Save And Close” option showing on the top-right of the page.

Step 10. Through this, Your text box is automatically added in your Google Doc. you can easily Insert Text Box In Google Docs. You may also move or change your Text Box by dragging it through the corners of it.

Step 11. To adjust the text in Text Box, you need to hit the “Wrap Text” option. And, this is how you can quickly and efficiently Insert Text Box In Google Docs.