How to Highlight Word In Google Docs

If you are looking for easy steps to Highlight Text In Google Docs then you are at the right place. Below provided steps are related to highlight the text in Google Doc.

Step 1. To highlight the text in Google Docs, you have to open the Google Docs.

Step 2. If you have created new docs, then you have to write some content to highlight.

Step 3. After writing the content, you can choose the text which you want to highlight.

Step 4. Select the line as shown in a given image and move your cursor to the highlight colour tab.

Step 5. Now the colour will be shown on your computer screen, and you can select the colour which you want in the text.

Step 6. Then, your Google Docs colour will be highlighted. This is a Google Docs Highlight Shortcut so; you can use it anytime.

Step 7. That’s all to Highlight Text In Google Docs, and you can follow these steps to highlight your text.