How to Hide OneDrive Completely in Windows

Step 1. Click on the White or Blue OneDrive icon, that is shaped like a cloud, located at far right of the taskbar. The OneDrive icon might be hidden and you might need to click the Show Hidden Icons arrow next to the Notification area. Open it.

Step 2. The screen appears like below. Click on “More”

Step 3. Open “Settings”.

Step 4. Go to the Settings tab.

Step 5. In the “Settings” tab, uncheck all the boxes under General.

Step 6. Go to the “Accounts” tab, click “Choose Folders”

Step 7. Uncheck the box that says Make all files available and click on OK to save the settings. This will remove your one drive files from the computer.

Step 8. Now go back to Settings and click on the Accounts tab.

Step 9. Click on Unlink this PC to hide OneDrive from Windows.

Step 10. Click on Unlink Account to disable and hide OneDrive from your computer.

Step 11. Open file explorer and open Onedrive.

Step 12. Right-click on Onedrive

Step 13. Click on “Properties”

Step 14. Go to the “General tab”. Under “attributes” click on “Hidden” and then click on “Apply”

Step 15. Again open Onedrive from the notification bar.

Step 16. The below page appears, again click on “more”.

Step 17. Go to settings and then click on Close OneDrive

Step 18. Below pop-up appears. Again click on “Close OneDrive”.

Step 19. This will remove the Onedrive icon from the notification menu.