You like an update Instagram story? If so, maybe there are times you want to IG story You are not seen by followers or other unwanted users. You are lucky, because there is a way hide it IG story from followers, you know!

For your information, Instastory or Instagram stories allow users to an update status in the form of photos, videos, even just in the form of text.

Users can also “decorate it” by adding stickers or GIFs to make it more attractive

IG stories are sometimes used by users to express their hearts, personal matters, or can also offend others. Do not copy the last habit, bro!

Therefore, there are times when we want to hide posts from followers undesirable. Afraid of it, followers it will kepo about an update our status later.

Well, this time TechHow¬†will share tips on how to hide IG stories from watch followers undesirable. Let’s listen to the following way.

  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2. Enter your profile section.
  3. Click the three striped icon at the top right.
  4. Then, log in to Settings.
  5. Then choose Privacy.
  6. After logging into Privacy, select Story.
  7. You will find a choice Hide story from. This option allows you to hide IG Story from being seen by followers you don’t want.
  8. Then, all you have to do is select and mark followers that you don’t allow to see the status that you created.
  9. When finished, click checklist at the top right.

Voila! With this, followers that you have marked will not be able to see an update status that you created.

Conversely, if you want that person to be able to see the post that you made, you only need to delete it from the list Hide story from.

That’s how to hide IG story from followers we don’t want. Very easy right? Good luck and good luck!