The Notes app allows us to save a lot of information, from texts to images or PDF documents through links. Notes is a very good option to collect and save links that we find browsing the web. A simple operation that can be carried out in several ways and also has a curious and interesting effect on the result.

Links with thumbnails and titles

To save a link in the app Notes the most common is to copy the link, either from Safari, Mail or similar, and paste it into the note. In doing so we will see that the link is copied as a text. A text link is useful, but it can sometimes be slightly lacking in context, or at least require us to read the link carefully to get an idea of ​​what it contains.

Fortunately there is a way to save links with a preview, so locating the one that interests us will be much easier. The steps are as follows, the same on iPhone, iPad or Mac:

  1. We open the app Safari and we enter the page that we want to save in Notes.
  2. We touch the button Share (square with up arrow).
  3. We choose Notes.
  4. If we wish, we select the note to which we want to add the link.
  5. We touch save.

When we open the app Notes to see the note that has just been created we will see that the link has a preview that gives context. Alternatively, and with the same final effect, we can drag the link from the Safari address bar to the app Notes. Something that we can comfortably do when using Split View.


Without a doubt, as we see in the previous image, the difference is more than remarkable. Thanks to this system we can store a large number of links within the same note and find them easily with a simple glance. Useful, right?

Apple’s operating systems are full of these little details that really take the experience to another level. Either the arrival of the App Clips, the use of the optimized load on our Apple Watch or simply saving a link in the Notes app.