The Zoom company has been one of the great winners in the days of the Covid-19, so it can be said that the almost world quarantine has come from pearls. In terms of downloads, its figures have increased exponentially, being a relatively recent app. This means that many users do not know how to handle their interface well. We are going to show you how to configure Zoom.

The first thing we must do is present this platform. For the most skeptical, it is an app that allows large-scale group video calls, designed for large family gatherings or gatherings for work purposes. Specifically, up to 100 people can meet in the video call, although it has several premium subscriptions to increase that number to 400 people. According to Fortune 500 magazine, it is one of the most used video conferencing platforms by companies in all of 2019.

It does not require a phone number, although it is recommended to include it so that the app searches for friends through the contact list. Nor is it necessary to create a profile, just logging in through Google or Facebook is enough, as well as the facilities it offers to create or join a meeting.

Is Zoom safe today?

Given the enormous news that bombarded the company, motivated by reports of the lack of security, many users began to doubt whether this platform was the best option. This possibility is always around in any video call application, whatever it may be. Security vulnerabilities will always be present and it is something that we must take into account.

Faced with this information, which even reached the media, the reality is that developers have focused their efforts on greater security for their service. In this way, in their latest versions they have implemented improvements in this regard. For example, they have included a much more secure and difficult to spy encryption system, as well as greater control of the video call by the administrator.

How to configure Zoom

In that sense, it is up to us to get the most out of the app and improve video calls. In addition to security, there are other aspects that we can configure to make the platform more efficient, especially if we use it frequently.

  1. Firstly, in the “Meeting” menu in the “Settings” section, we can adjust parameters such as turning off both the microphone and the video whenever we enter a meeting. Also, we can configure in Zoom the reflection of our webcam or the activation of the original sound, which will cancel the suppression of external noise.
  2. A detail to take into account is the ‘Safe Driving’ mode, which we can activate by sliding to the right during the video call and that allows us to turn off the video and the microphone while we are not talking. To speak and activate the microphone, just touch the screen.
  3. To record a call as if it were a video, we go to the icon of the three points during it, where we will see the option “Record call”. Of course, before you have to have the approval of the rest of the members in it.
  4. Finally, it is possible to create recurring meetings. In other words, you can schedule a meeting at a certain time during the frequency that you want, be it daily, weekly or monthly. To do this, we go to the “Schedule” section and then click on “Repeat meeting”.

With all these tips, you can configure Zoom so that the app is more personalized and get the most out of it. In this way, the platform becomes one of the best options for making video conferences.