For you Samsung cellphone users, sometimes a white round effect will appear when our fingers touch the screen while doing daily activities, starting from opening applications, switching applications, editing documents, viewing photos, or playing games.

This can be caused by several factors, starting from the presence of bugs in the operating system or the Show Taps feature in the Developer Options being activated automatically. But take it easy, the TechHow team already knows to overcome these effects.

Therefore, the appearance of a white circle is not because your screen is broken, but there is indeed a feature that will display the effect when your finger touches the screen as a form of visualization whether touch works or not.

But before you can set it up, you have to open the Developer options which are hidden for most users.

Enable Developer Options

  1. If you can’t find Developer Options in Settings, then you have to activate it first
  2. Open the application Settings, then select menu About phone
  3. Then select the menu Software information
  4. Press seven times on the menu section Build Number on the page Software InformationSamsung Touch Hide
  5. Later a notification will appear Developer mode has been turned on if you do it right
  6. Next Developer Options will appear in the menu Settings

Developer Options itself is a settings menu that is hidden by smartphone manufacturers whose function is useful for developers to develop applications on smartphones ranging from Animation Scale, OEM Unlocking, USB Debugging, and many more.

The method used to bring up Developer Options is almost the same on most Android phones by pressing the Build Number menu seven times. After the Developer Options appears, then you can go to the stage of removing the round white touch effect on a Samsung cellphone.

Eliminating the Round Touch Effect on Samsung Mobile Phones

  1. First, enter the menu or application Settings
  2. Then select the menu Developer Options
  3. Look for the menu Show taps in the InputSamsung Touch Hide 2
  4. Then disable the feature Show taps
  5. If successful, the touch white round effect on the Samsung smartphone will disappear

You could say the way to get rid of the round touch effect is easy even for new users. But if you want to show the round Touch effect again on a Samsung cellphone, then you can activate it using similar steps.

Actually, the round touch effect is useful for developers in developing games or applications because they can see the reaction of finger touches on the screen how responsive they are to the products they make. However, if you feel disturbed by this effect, it can be removed easily via the Developer Options menu.