If you have Non-Smart TV, then you can not directly get Netflix on your TV. But there is a way around so that you can get Netflix and other apps/services which are available on Smart TV. Wondering How?

Yes, you can get Netflix on Non-Smart TV also, using external devices, viz: Google Chromecast. There are many such types of devices that are available in the market. To install Netflix to non-smart tv, You must follow the hassle-free steps as explained below.

How to Get Netflix on Non-Smart TV using Google Chromecast 3

Steps are pretty simple and straightforward, just follow the steps as given below.

Step 1: Bring Google Chromecast Dongle and plug-in into your non-smart TV. You will insert the jack of Google Chromecast 3 on the back of your non-smart TV.

How To Get Netflix On Non-Smart Tv

Step 2: After that, install the “Google Home” App on your ph1. After that, follow the setup instructions to get Netflix on non- smart TV.

Step 3: After that, connect your Google Chromecast 3 device with your TV network through Hotspot. You will see the list of device name through which you would like to set up.

Step 4: After that, you need to choose the “Chromecast 3” option from the list of devices.

Step  5: After touching it, hit to the “Next” button showing on the bottom of the app.

How To Get Netflix On Non-Smart Tv

Step 6: You will see your Google Home App is connecting with the Chromocast3.

Step 7: After then, you will see the three buttons on the bottom of the Google Home App’s Interface.

How To Get Netflix On Non-Smart Tv

Step 8: Click on the Library button from it and then choose your categorized content mentioned in the different folders to see the streaming content.

You may also watch Netflix shows on non-smart TV through the other media player devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku.