Mobile Legends has a feature in which the players can embed a Title that has been obtained from various matches on their account profile page.

Mobile Legends is one MOBA type mobile game that reaped success in 2018. So many players have played this game, and they won the Title in the most competitive game on the Google Play Store.

The success of Mobile Legends in the mobile game industry, especially in the Google Play Store, can not be separated from the various features that are always being improved by the developer and publisher, Moonton.

Until now, there are a variety of features that are always presented by Moonton in the only game, including local Leaderboards that can show who is the best in the area around the players.

In this case, the local ranking is based on the Hero Power of a particular hero that can be chosen by himself according to the favorite hero or hero most often used by the player.

Interestingly, after successfully obtaining an achievement from the leaderboards, players will get a Title that can be installed on the Profile page of their Mobile Legends account.

How to Get a Title for a Profile on Mobile Legends

  1. Previously, you had to make sure that the location settings for Mobile Legends were active.
  2. If so, open the Mobile Legends application and log in to Leaderboards.
  3. From the Leaderboards page, enter in the tab Street from the left bar.
  4. Now, click on the settings button in the upper right corner or on the posts, No data to set the location
  5. The application will automatically start scanning to create a ranking list locally and click it, Okay, If you have finished it
  6. Press the back sign in the top left corner, then click the button Change to set the hero
  7. Next, play some Ranked matches to get a Title

How to Get a Title in the Mobile Legends Game

How to get the Legend Mobile Title

For those of you who don’t know, how to enable location settings in Mobile Legends, you just need to enter the application manager and open the application info. If so, you can enter the permissions section and activate the Location button.

Meanwhile, to install the Title that has been obtained, you can enter the Mobile Legends profile page. From the profile page, then click on the Settings button next to the post No Title. From the menu displayed, you can choose the Title to use.

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