If you get payment on PayPal from anyone and want to refund it now then first read steps below that are related to How To Get A Refund On Paypal.

Steps to get refund on paypal are as follows:

Step 1:  Log in to PayPal account.

Step 2: First, click on the Activity segment from your account. As shown in the image below:

how to get a refund on Paypal

Step 3: A new window will open, search the transaction for which you want to get refund and click on it

Step 4: From there you can get the seller’s email address which you can use to send him the refund request.

Step 5: But in case that the seller refuses to refund then you can open the case from the Resolution Center.

Step 6: For that go to this link https://www.paypal.com/disputes/.

Step 7: On the new window panel, you can view your open cases.

Step 8: Choose your case and click on the Respond button to open a dispute. As shown in the image below:

how to get a refund on Paypal

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Note: You can open a dispute for the case only up to 180 days of making the payment.

Step 9: After submitting, the seller will get the return request information and can directly respond to you via the Resolution Center.

Step 10: Further, to check the status of your refund request again go to the Activity Center. Then click on the Filters option.

Step 11:  A drop-down box will appear from here you can select the Refunds option. As shown in the image below:

how to get a refund on Paypal

Step 12:  Choose the wanted date range to view your refund status.

Step 13: Lastly, tap on the refunded transaction to see the full details of your disputed case. It takes 3 – 5 days to receive your refund amount.

Note: To refund PayPal fee on issuing a full refund, PayPal refunds you only 2.9% PayPal refund fee.

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