How to Force Quit on Windows

Step 1. Force quitting the PC using the Task Manager:

Step 2. Hold the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to open up a window with the

Step 3. options– Lock, Switch user, Sign out and Task Manager.

Step 4. Click on “Task Manager” to get information about the running programs, processes and services.

Step 5. From the list, find and click on the unresponsive program which can be located under the “Processes” list.

Step 6. The status of the program, if it is responsive or unresponsive, can be seen under the “status” head.

Step 7. Click on the program that is unresponsive and clicks “End Task” to end the program and then quit PC.

Force quit using command prompt:

Step 1. Press “windows” or the “Start” button on the PC and run command prompt by typing and entering “cmd”

Step 2. Type taskkill /im filename.exe in the command prompt and press “enter”. Replace file name with the file you want to close.

Step 3. The program will be ended and then PC can be shut down.

How to Force Quit on Mac

There are two ways to Force Quit on Mac.

First option:

Step 1.  If an app is frozen you can press three keys together.
Press Option(alt) + Command + Esc or Click on the apple symboland select the option “Force Quit finder” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Select the file name which you want to Force Stop from the window that appears after pressing those keys or after selecting the Force Quit Finder.

Step 3. Then press the Force Quit tab.

Step 4. The selected file will be Force Stopped.

Second Method:

Step 1. Click on the spotlight search button on the home screen of your mac.

Step 2. Search for “Activity Monitor”.

Step 3. Click on the search button when “Activity Monitor” appear in the results.

Step 4. Now the Activity Monitor window is open, click on the app which you want to force quit.

Step 5. Click on the x button on the ‘Activity Monitor’ and the app will be force closed.