How to force Chrome to open links in a new tab that is in the Foreground

If you want to force Google Chrome to open link in a new tab then,

Step 1.  first click on the Chrome icon to start the process.

Step 2.  In the next step, type the subject you are searching for and click on the magnifying glass icon

Step 3.  If you are opening links in a new tab, Chrome gives you two alternative methods to open the site in the foreground. One method is to keep your cursor on the website link which you want to open and after then press SHITF+CLTR+CLICK. This is a quick method to open links in a new tab and the other way is to keep the cursor on the website link and right-click on that.

Step 4.  When you Right Click on that link, you will find another new tab with many options in the drop-down menu. You need to click on Open link in a new tab which will force a link to open in foreground in Chrome. You can also choose Open link in a new window, but this will open the website in a new window, not in any new tab

Step 5.  In the end, you have opened the website link in the background or
foreground as shown below in the picture.