Through its latest update, Google Keyboard (Gboard) brings a little trouble with some types of cellphones. One of which includes mobile phones made by Xiaomi.

On some types of Xiaomi phones, this virtual keyboard application crashes and cannot be opened. There are even some users who report that their device is locked so that it cannot be used.

Fortunately, there are practical solutions that can be done to overcome this problem temporarily. This solution unfortunately only applies to devices that have not been locked due to Gboard errors. Let’s see what is the solution to this “Unfortunately Gboard has stopped”  error.

How to Fix: “Unfortunately Gboard has stopped” Error on Android Smartphone

You who experience the same thing can try cleaning the data and cache of this Google-made keyboard application. You just go in Settings > Apps then next find and select the application Gboard.

In the next page that appears (App Info), Press the button Clear Cache and Clear Data. Wait a few moments after pressing one button so that the process is completely finished before pressing another button.

In addition to using this method, you can also change the keyboard options on Xiaomi devices by using other keyboards such as SwiftKey. If not already installed, you can download one of them first Replacement keyboard available on Google Play Store.

To replace it, you can open the page Settings> Additional settings > Language & input> Current Keyboard and select the keyboard you want to use.

As for devices that are locked, connecting a physical keyboard or a factory reset can be two quick alternatives that can be used temporarily. In addition, you might also be able to try installing another keyboard remotely.

To do this, open the Google Play Store via a computer and sign in using the same account as the account connected on the locked Xiaomi device. Next, find the Gboard application then press the button Install it. If the installation options do not appear, you can try rebooting the device first.

Some of the ways above can be said to be only a temporary solution until Google provides an update to overcome this directly. For those of you who haven’t installed the latest version of Gboard, it’s a good idea to postpone the update first.

But apart from this problem, the Gboard is one of my favorite keyboards because it offers a variety of important features such as the Voice Typing feature that can be used to write by voice. Therefore it never hurts to keep waiting for the next update.