Instagram location features can really help users provide additional information on Instagram uploads. But apparently there are many users who have difficulty doing it.

Instagram itself is a social media platform with very large active users. This indicates that the platform that is now under the auspices of Facebook has become one of the right platforms to develop business.

Moreover, Instagram has launched various special features to support this. In addition to business accounts that can be a mainstay, additional features such as location are also important enough to provide further credibility. Let’s see how can we Fix the “Instagram Location Feature Not Working” problem.

How to Fix: Instagram Location Feature Not Working

The location feature can not only be embedded in the user’s account profile page but can also be used more flexibly and installed on content that has been uploaded so that users do not need to visit the account page to get a business address.

This Instagram location feature can be used very easily.  Users only need to tap the Add Location button when uploading an image or video then search and select the desired location. If deemed finished, the user can tap on the Share button as usual.

Although it is easy to use, unfortunately, some users complain that they cannot use the location feature on Instagram. Then why is it like that? How to handle it?

One of the causes of this problem often occurs because location services cannot be accessed by the Instagram application so the feature cannot be used either. This can occur due to users forgetting to turn on the location feature on the smartphone.

Method 1:

Users can activate the location feature via Settings > Connection > Location (can be adjusted based on the device used) or some smartphones allow users to activate it via quick settings.

Method 2:

If the device location feature is active but Instagram still cannot read the location, then most likely the application has not gotten permission to access location services that usually appear when the user first installs the application.

Why Locations on Instagram Cannot Be Used

If you forget whether you have activated it or not, you can check it again via Settings > Apps > Instagram > Permissions (adjust to the device used). Make sure the slide button is on the options Location active and not gray.

If the location feature is still not usable after using the two methods above, then the installed application may be outdated. There is a good idea to update the application through the Google Play Store or iTunes in accordance with the operating system used.

In addition, you can also try clearing cache or data first.  the cache is very useful indeed, but the mismatch of old and new data can cause applications to even become problematic.

Then what if it still can’t be used too? It’s a good idea to contact Instagram directly via [email protected]. When sending complaints that occur, don’t forget to mention the type of device used.