How To Find Saved Password on Chrome

Simple Steps to View Saved Password on Chrome

Step 1. To see saved Passwords in Chrome first open up the Google Chrome Browser from any device possible.

Step 2. Once you land on Google Chrome’s Home Screen page, left-click on the three vertical dots or the menu button which is at Google Chrome’s right hand.

Step 3. When you click on the menu button, a dialogue box opens up.

Step 4. At the bottom of the dialogue box, there is a “Settings” option. Left click on that menu

Step 5.  You will found many options in the “Settings” menu. To view chrome saved Passwords you have to first left-click on “Passwords”.

Step 6.  After that, a new screen will open up, and it will show you all the passwords you have saved on Google Chrome. This screen will save each and every password you have ever saved in the Google Chrome, starting from the first time you have signed in Google Chrome.

Step 7.  At that time your passwords are not visible and are replaced by dots of the same number of characters used in the password.

Step 8.  To view or manage saved Passwords in Chrome, you have to left-click on the Eye icon beside your password. Once you click, the icon will change immediately and will reveal the actual passwords.