Want to fun with friends by changing your location or tweak with many Game apps by teleporting yourself on another location on your iPhone without jailbreaking? If you have jailbreak your iPhone, then you can easily fake your location, but How to fake your location without jailbreaking your iPhone?

Yes, you can fake your iPhone location without jailbreaking using many stock iOs Map app. Let’s see the detailed guide on How to fake your iPhone Location without Jailbreak?

How to fake my iPhone location without jailbreak

Steps to fake an iPhone location without jailbreak

Step 1: To start the process you will need to connect your device to a PC or Mac (make sure that iTunes is installed). In case iTunes is not coming into life automatically, then you must launch it before moving to the next Step.

Step 2: Move to the details of the device connected in iTunes, for doing so you have to click on the device icon. Place the Restore Section and Manual Backup of the needed information. For this, click “Back up Now” button. Check whether the Encrypt iPhone backup option is active or not.

Step 3: At this stage, you will need to add an additional software “iBackupBot” or any other tool for backup, It can be easily downloaded for Windows or Mac. You can download it from an official download page.

Step 4: After downloading the software, install the same and launch it on the device (Mac or Windows-powered PC). Gradually, the software will determine the back up created in iTunes automatically.

It will also load the information relevant to it. To use the iBackupBot software, navigate anyone of the two locations listed below. Access the one which is more specific to you.

1. User App Files- com.apple.Maps-Library-Preferences
2. System Files-HomeDomain-Library-Preferences

Now, locate and open the com.apple.Maps list file.

Step 5: Checkout the file, you will find out a specific file structure. Find out the block of data which begins with dict tag, insert the below-mentioned lines under it directly:


Step 6: After adding the adding information, save the file (edited version) and exit from the iBackupBot software.

Step 7: Now do some tinkering on the iOS device. Launch the settings and navigate to iCloud- find my iPhone/iPod/iPad. Ensure that the feature has been disabled. Enter your passcode for it to be successful. Make sure the device is connected to the PC and move back towards iTunes after that is disabled.

Step 8: Click on the “Restore Backup” option and ensure that you select the backup which is edited by you recently by using iBackupBot.

Step 9: The stage at which restoring process is complete, launch “Maps app” and select the desired location.

You can find out the information bar at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the same. Here, you will get an option “Simulate location.” Tap on it. After this, it will teleport you to a location which you selected earlier.