Windows 10 gets slowdown with time due to digital litter, unused files and changes made to settings due to which your PC runs sluggishly & not performing as it should be. This can be one of the reasons you want to factory reset Windows 10. You may also want to know how to factory reset Windows 10 if you are planning to sale your Windows 10 PC without giving your personal details.

Windows 10 has an easier and faster option which allows you to reset all the Windows settings, apps and installed unused drivers which are creating problems in Windows 10 and give you a clean Windows like a new & fresh installation and save you from Windows installation hassles.

Windows 10 provide you option to “Reset your PC” with an option to choose whether to keep your personal files intact or remove them. Here’s the guide to help you to use Reset this PC feature to restore Windows 10 PC to factory settings in two different ways.

-: Method 1:-

How to reset Windows 10 using built-in option

  1. Go to Settings: Open Start Menu and type Settings or simply click on the gear icon, just above power icon.

    Click on Setting Button
    Click on Setting Button
  2. Select Update & Recovery: On clicking settings, you will find Update & Recovery option under windows setting.

    Select Update & Security
    Select Update & Security
  3. Now Click on “Recovery” in the left pane.
    Click on Recovery in the Left Pane
    Click on Recovery in the Left Pane

    Windows will display 3 options:

    1. Reset this PC: “Reset this PC” is best to get PC in its factory default configuration.
    2. Go back to your previous version of Windows: This option is for Windows insiders who want to go back & use the previous version of Windows.
    3. Advance Startup: It allows you to boot from a device or disc (USB drive or DVD).
  4. Next Click on “Get Started” button under Reset this PC.
    Select Remove Everything
    Select Remove Everything

    As you click on the Get started button, it will pop up a window with two options for resetting this PC:

    1. Keep my files”: It will remove all apps, drives & changes made to settings without losing your personal files like pictures, videos, moves, music, and documents.
    2. Remove everything”: It will remove all apps, drives, changes made to settings and all your saved files and gives you a fresh Windows or in other words wipe out everything.
      Advice: If you are planning to go for option 2, then it’s better for you to take backup of everything which is essential for you.
  5. If you choose “Remove Everything” window will pop up with to more options. Select “Just remove my files” or “Remove file and clean the drive”.
    Select Just remove files or remove file clean drives
    Select Just remove files or remove file clean drives
    1. Just remove my files”: If you are keeping your computer and just troubleshooting your Windows 10, then choose this option.
    2. Remove file and clean the drive”: If you are going to sell or donate your PC then choose this option, this will take longer time but makes difficult for anyone to recover your removed files.
  6. Click on Next: As you have selected any one option, then your Windows show you warning message that you won’t be able to roll back to a previous version of your Windows and it will show you ready to Reset this PC with Reset and Cancel button.
  7. Click on Reset button: If you are ok with the warning then click on the Reset button. Windows will then take several minutes to restart & reset all the settings.
  8. Click on Continue: Once the process complete, Windows will prompt with three options to choose. Click on Continue.

You are done here in solving to reset Windows 10 using its built-in feature. You can access the above method only if your PC is slow but working but if it does not then follow the following steps mentioned below.

-: Method 2:-

How to reset Windows 10 using BIOS options

  1. Click on Power icon.
  2. Now press and hold the Shift key and click on restart.

    Click on Troubleshoot
    Click on Troubleshoot
  3. Windows will pop up with three options.
    1. Continue
    2. Troubleshoot
    3. Turn off your PC
  4. Click on Troubleshoot and screen will come with “Reset this PC” option.

    Click on Reset this PC
    Click on Reset this PC
  5. Click on “Reset this PC” and at the end click on Remove everything.

In this method, Windows will take some time to reset everything and remove all files & data.

That’s all you need to know folks to reset your Windows 10. Hopefully, this will help you and solve all your problems of Resetting Windows 10. If you are stilling facing any difficulty in resetting Windows 10, feel free to write us in the comment.

Remarks: Microsoft Windows has released its so far most advanced operating system, i.e. Windows 10. It consists of all the features of Windows 8.1 and also has improved functions which make Windows 10 successor of Windows 8.1.