There are many solutions and ways to activate a microphone on a Windows 10 laptop or connect and set a headset as a microphone for use in Windows 10. This Techhow article will provide some important points such as:

Windows 10 Microphone Settings

Microphone is one of the hardware or features that you can use in Windows 10. However, there are times when this feature does not work or has not been activated in Windows 10 that you are currently using.

Sometimes, after reinstalling or upgrading Windows 10, the microphone will be disabled by default. Don’t rush to say that your microphone is damaged.

4 Ways To Settings To Enable Microphone In Windows 10

There are several ways you can adjust and activate the microphone in Windows 10. This article will provide a tutorial and how to easily activate the microphone feature on Windows 10.

Solution 1. Enabling microphone through Windows 10 Device Manager

The first way to activate the microphone is through the Device Manager settings which are available in all versions of Windows 10. Here is how to enable the microphone through the device manager in a few steps:

  1. Access WinX Menu by pressing the button Windows + X simultaneously then select Device Manager.
  2. After the Device Manager window opens, then select settings Sound, Video and Game Controllers.
  3. After that select it and right click on sound card currently installed on Windows 10 and select it Enable Driver.Enable Sound Card for Windows 10 Microphone
  4. After that Restart the PC to improve the microphone enable in Windows 10.
  5. Done.

Note: After restarting, the microphone feature will be active again. However, if it is not active or there is a yellow warning icon in the Sound, Video and Game Controllers section, then right-click on the sound card driver then uninstall the driver.

After that, restart your PC or laptop again and the sound card driver will be reinstalled automatically by the Windows 10 system. If this method doesn’t work then please try Solution 2 below.

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Solution 2. Enabling Windows 10 Microphone via Sound Settings

The next solution that you can do to re-enable the mic feature in Windows 10 is to do some easy settings in the Sound settings. Here are the easy steps to enable the microphone via Sound settings in Windows 10:

  1. Press the keyboard key combination Windows + S and type Sound Settings.
  2. Once open, look at the bar on the right and select it Sound Control Panel.
  3. Then select the second tab namely Recording.
  4. Select the recording or microphone connected to the laptop then right click and select Enable. Sound Control Panel in Windows 10 To Enable MicrophoneNote: If the microphone icon does not appear, right click on the empty box and select Show Disabled Devices.
  5. Then choose OK and done.

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Solution 3. How to set microphone from Windows Settings

The third way is to activate the microphone using Windows Settings. This is also an easy way to activate the mic feature in Windows 10. Follow the method below to activate the microphone via Windows 10 Settings:

  1. Open Windows Settings by pressing the key combination Windows + I on the keyboard.
  2. Then select next Privacy.
  3. Then select the tab Microphone in the menu to the right of the settings.
  4. Tick Let apps use my microphone Becomes On.How to Set Microphone Through Windows Settings
  5. Finish and close the Windows Settings window.

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Solution 4.How to activate the headset microphone on a Windows 10 laptop through the Control Panel

The last way that can be done is to activate the mic via the Control Panel. Follow the step-by-step below to set the microphone via the Ease of Access menu in Windows 10 Control Panel:

  1. Access Control Panel. You do this by pressing the combination button on the keyboard Windows + R to open a dialog box Run and type Control Panel then press Enter.
  2. Select the Ease of Access Menu. After the Control Panel configuration window opens, select it Ease of Access.
  3. After that select Speech Recognition and choose Set up the microphone.How to Setting Windows 10 Microphone
  4. Then select the type of microphone that is connected to a laptop or PC. You can choose between Headset Microphone or Desktop Microphone. In this case it will use Headset Microphone. Then press Next.Headset Microphone settings
  5. After that use the headset properly and place the microphone near your mouth as in the image displayed by Windows. Make sure the headset volume mute button is OFF. Then choose Next.Put the Headset in Correctly
  6. The next step a sentence will appear that you can read to detect the headset already connected to your Windows 10 laptop (Text to read: Peter dictates to his computer. He prefers it to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper. “). If you have pressed Next.Read Posts to Detect Sound Through Headset Mic
  7. If so, the writing will appear Your microphone is now set up and press Finish.Microphone already set in Windows 10

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Conclusion: Windows 10 microphone can be adjusted in several easy ways

Those are some ways to activate the microphone on a Windows 10 laptop that you can try to adjust the microphone so that it is read by the laptop and can be used for sound input purposes.