How to Enable Macros in Excel

Step 1.  Enabling macros is potentially dangerous because it can enable any file to run code on the computer. It involves two main steps- accessing the Trust centre and changing the configuration.

Step 2. Open MS-Excel on the computer system and click on Files in the menu bar. It can be located on the top left corner of the Excel sheet.

Step 3. Click “Options” in the drop-down menu that opens after clicking “File”. A new window for “Excel Options” opens up.

Step 4. In this pop-up window, Select “Trust-Center” and click on “Trust centre settings” from the bottom.

Step 5. In Trust Center Settings, choose the “Macro Settings” tab on the left side of the navigation. Click on the small circle beside “Enable all macros” and click on “OK”. In the next pop-up click “OK” again to enable Macro in Excel.