How To Enable Flash In Chrome

Let us discuss “how to enable flash in chrome” by following steps below mentioned.

Step 1. At the very first step, open chrome browser and type “chrome://settings/content” to fill address bar. Then, press “enter” key from your keyboard. You can click on “ ” icon appearing at right-hand side corner of the window

Step 2.  Select “settings” from the drop-down list as shown in the image below given.

Step 3.  A new window will be opened at your screen, scroll down and click on “Content settings” option.

Step 4. On the next window, just look for the “flash” option by scroll down.

Step 5. After finding the “flash” option, click on it and turn icon “ ” to the right of the page.

This way, you can also add specific websites to the allow list by clicking “Add” option and print the URL of the websites in the list. You can also disable flash in chrome for specific websites by typing URL of the website in the block list.