Listed below are the easy instructions for editing build.prop without root in Android.

Step 1. Open your PC and download & Install ADB & Fast boot drivers from Here , a setup file will be downloaded on your screen, double click it to run it, a blue screen will appear with a message asking you to download the ADB or not, type ‘yes’.

Also, download any advanced text editor preferably notepad ++ from to edit build.prop without root.

Step 2. Restart your device in recovery mode by pressing the Volume button and Power button together. Click on the ‘Mount’ option in the recovery mode, now various options with adjacent checkboxes will appear.

edit build.prop file

Step 3. Check ‘System’ option from it, and uncheck ‘Mount system partition read-only’, this will mount your Android device.

Step 4. Now connect the android device to your PC and open ADB, a Command Prompt Window will appear.

edit build.prop file

Step 5. Here, type “adb pull /system/build.prop” in the ‘path’ section, you’ve to specify the path where you’d like your file to be saved.

Step 6. Open the file with the advanced text editor you installed for editing in the build.prop file.

Step 7. Here you are now free to edit the file, save the file after editing.

Step 8. Open the ADB window again and type “adb push /system/build.prop”, to transfer the file back to your Android device.

Step 9. To set the privacy right of the file, you now need to open ADB shell, so type “adb shell” in the ADB window.

Step 10. Now type “chmod 644 /system/build.prop” to set privacy for the android builds without root made in the build.prop file.

Changes have now been implicated!