In 2011 ago, Facebook officially launches the Facebook Messenger app on Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). The initial goal of the release of Facebook Messenger was to make it easier for users to reply to messages from other Facebook users quickly on a limited screen on a smartphone.

You could say this application allows users to have text conversations with all users on the Facebook social network quickly and interactively.

Even Facebook Messenger has a message notification in the form of Chat Heads or Chat Bubble, which will float on the screen so that it really tells you that other users have sent you chats.

Over time, Facebook Messenger also has a variety of exciting functions ranging from video calls, video conferencing, telephone calls, to opening SMS applications. Following current trends, Facebook Messenger finally also presents a Dark Mode feature.

With the presence of the Dark Mode feature, it allows users to view content on Facebook Messenger comfortably in low light, dark, or night conditions because the background of the application will turn black and the writing will turn white.

For those of you who are curious to activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

  1. First, open the Facebook Messenger application on the smartphone.
  2. On the main page Chats, You will be shown the conversation history with other Facebook users.
  3. Next, select Profile Picture in the upper left, right next to the writing Chats.
  4. Once selected, you will be faced with a page Profile Settings for Facebook Messenger.
  5. Just below the photo and Facebook profile name, there is Dark Mode button.
  6. You can swipe button right to activate the feature Dark Mode.
  7. After the feature is active, the background of the application will automatically turn black and the writing will turn white.

Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

The Dark Mode feature allows you to chat with other users more comfortably in low light conditions or at night. Meanwhile, if you want to disable this feature, you can follow the method above and then shift the Dark Mode feature to the left.

On some smartphones with the Android 10 operating system and devices with iOS 13.0 or above, actually this feature can also be activated via the Dark Mode menu in the device’s Settings menu or application.

But sometimes there are some icons or text that don’t change perfectly to contrast against the black background. This can happen because indeed the Dark Mode feature that is present on smartphones is not designed specifically for one application.

For this reason, you should immediately activate the Dark Mode menu on the Facebook Messenger application to get a look that is more comfortable on the eyes.