Making a TikTok video alone is common, but if you make a video you can duet together with your favorite TikTok celebrities or even famous singers of course you can make your TikTok post viral. Usually, the TikTok duet video is deliberately presented by celebrities to invite followers to imitate the movements or scenes they have made to get closer to their community. The theme also varies from skit to dance with difficult movements.

Well, usually a video that is often a duet is a video with the theme of a comedy-drama because it is easy to get a viral reaction. In addition, of course, more and more movements or who use their videos to become more famous and add new followers.

Now to be able to find out which duet videos are trending on the TikTok homepage, you just have to search through the column Find out or search by typing hashtag #duetchallenge #duet #duetwithme. The system will quickly collect the TikTok video duet from the number of likes to the least.

If you have determined which videos you will copy to post, here are the steps to be able to do a duet.

How To Duet Together TikTok Celebrities To Be Viral

  1. Open the application TikTok on your cellphone. If you don’t have it, install it via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Login with your personal account.
  3. At the very bottom, you will see five menus. Go to the menu Find out to find the video you want to duet with.
  4. You can choose the original video or through another TikTok account.
  5. For example, it will use the original comedy movement music video created by the account @ Ari & Nick.
  6. If you’ve got a video or gesture that suits you, make sure you click on the video and then select the icon right arrow. How-Duet-Together-Celebrity-TikTok
  7. Then you will be shown a menu list again. Select the second row of icons Duet.
  8. Next you will be shown a new video posting preparation display along with features of filters, effects, speed settings, beautification, timing, and use of flash.
  9. The video will automatically split in two. On the right is the video you want to emulate and on the left the video shows your version.
  10. When you are ready and memorized the movements, you can immediately record your version’s movements.
  11. After finishing, edit it first before uploading it and create videos as you wish using the features available.
  12. After being satisfied with the results of the video, you can add a suitable caption or sentence.
  13. Include hashtags #fyp #foryoupage #duetchallenge #funnyvideo to be more viral.
  14. Upload a duet video together with TikTok celebrities and it’s ready to go viral on Home deh!

That’s the way to make a duet video together with TikTok celebrities who are trending so that your posts become viral and at the same time add followers too. It’s easy to try.