Telegram known as application chat which offers privacy for its users. In addition, this application can actually be used for download video from YouTube. Then, how to download video YouTube uses the Telegram application?

Actually, YouTube provides features download it in the application. This allows users to watch YouTube videos that have been downloaded while not connected to the internet network.

But this method has disadvantages. Because, the video that has been downloaded can only be played through the YouTube application. Also, if the video is not updated within 30 days, the video will no longer be viewable.

The Telegram application turns out to be not only for you to use chat, but also todownload it video from YouTube. Curious how to do it? Come on, see how download it YouTube videos use the following Telegram application.

  1. First, open YouTube. Then copy the video link that you want to download
  2. Then open the Telegram application. For those of you who don’t have it, you can download the Telegram application via the following link Android and iOS
  3. Click the search icon at the top right. Search for the @utubebot account then click to enter the chat room. This is a bot account that will help you download videos from YouTube
  4. In the chat room, find and click @utubebot
  5. You will be diverted to the chat room @utubebot and then click Start
  6. Next paste and send the YouTube video link that you copied earlier
  7. Then the bot will process the video
  8. You will be offered a variety of video format and resolution options. Even the choice of formats is also available in MP3 format
  9. After you select the desired video resolution and format, the bot will re-process to present a link where you can download the video
  10. Click the link. After the video appears, tap the dot icon at the bottom right, then click download
  11. After the download is complete, the video you want is stored in the gallery of your smartphone and ready to watch at any time

Well, it’s not difficult right? That was the way to download YouTube videos using the Telegram application. Good luck and good luck!