The birth of the new YouTuber last year until now has made YouTube channels more accessible to becoming an alternative entertainment for free. YouTube content is also more complete and diverse so that many people choose YouTube as the second television.

Even on YouTube, whatever hobbies and new knowledge you can get from photography, gadgets, cooking, sports, music, painting, and much more. But to be able to enjoy YouTube is not one hundred percent free, because you have to provide an internet quota first.

Now to be able to enjoy your favorite videos without continuing to access the internet, you can download it so you can watch it anytime and anywhere. This article will provide various alternatives for downloading YouTube videos to save to your HP gallery or your laptop document file.

How to Download YouTube Videos to the HP Gallery or Laptop

1. With the Application on Google Play Store

IDM + Google Play Store

You can download YouTube videos through the application available on the Google Play Store. You only need to type the video downloader in the Google Play Store search field, a list will appear.

But the recommendation from the TechHow Team, you can try an application called Top Video Downloader, Video Downloader Master, and Download Manager: Audio, Video, Torrents & More.

2. Using a Custom URL

The next way is to use a special URL address that does not require additional applications. The special URL for downloading YouTube videos that circulates a lot of choices like,,,,,,,, and many more.


First, you just enter into one of the URL above for example, then press enter. Then, copy or copy the YouTube video URL to be downloaded and paste it in the URL column. Next, MP4 file format options will appear and a variety of qualities to suit your needs.


3. Application or software through the browser

Download the IDM application first through a browser. After the application is installed, you can go to YouTube and choose which videos to download. Click on the video, then click Download This Video at the top right of the YouTube video. Choose MP4 video file format and video quality. Later video files will be stored in laptop download documents automatically.

There is also an application called Videoder that you can download through a browser. How to use the Videoder application, you just enter the application, then select the YouTube icon. You will be shown YouTube views directly. Then select the video to be downloaded, then the Download button will be available along with the MP4 video format and quality.

In addition to the two applications above, you can also try an application called Free YouTube Downloader that is almost the same way. You just download and enter the application. Then copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, then paste it in the Free YouTube Downloader application column. Then the download button labeled Download will appear.

4. With Browser Extension

The last way is to add extensions to the browser, one of which is Easy YouTube Video Downloader. You only need to pin the extension to the browser in the upper-right corner of the browser. Be sure to restart the browser first after installing it.

Then, directly select the video on YouTube that you want to download. Later when the selected video is played, a download will appear next to the Subscribe button and select MP4 video format along with quality. After that, you can directly click Download.