Instagram does not have features that can be used to download videos from its service directly. But you don’t need to worry because there are still ways to outsmart.

Instagram is a social media service that is very popular with smartphone users. This is evident from the data submitted by Kompas Tekno dated December 23, 2019 which says active users now reach 1 billion per month globally.

With that many users, Instagram certainly offers millions of interesting content so that sometimes it makes us tempted to store it on a smartphone.

But it’s quite unfortunate, Facebook as the legal holder of this social media platform limit us to do it. They do not include features that function to store or download content on this service.

However, there are many ways that can be taken to do this. Now for us who want to download video type content on Instagram, let’s discuss it in depth in this article.

I myself have two ways that can be used, you can choose one of them because it is equally easy to use.

How to Download Videos on Instagram with the Application

  1. Download the application Video Downloader for Instagram on the Google Play Store
  2. After the download process is complete, run the application for the first time
  3. Then open the Instagram application
  4. Next find and select the Instagram video post that you want to download
  5. Tap the other menu with the dot three in the upper right corner of the post
  6. select Share to> Video Downloader for Instagram
  7. Automatically, the Video Downloader for Instagram application will open and download the video.
  8. When done, the video will go directly to the Gallery application in a folder called InstaDownload.

How to Download Instagram Videos with the application

Using the browser

The second way, you can download Instagram videos using a browser or browser. So as not to be confused following the steps that I will convey, you can use Google Chrome which is usually already directly available on smartphones.

Don’t forget to give permission when requesting storage access when you first run it. Next, find the post that contains the video you want to download on the Instagram application.

How to Download Instagram Videos using a browser

After meeting, then click Other menu icons (dot icon) located in the upper right corner of the video to be downloaded. From the menu that appears, then choose an option Copy the link to copy the video link.

Next, open the URL through the browser. Continue by pasting the previously copied link into the column Enter the URL, then press arrow keys which is next to that column.

Wait a few moments for the video banner that you want to download to appear, then click the button Download it (followed by a downloadable video format) that also appears below the banner.

If thrown into an ad impression (usually regarding other applications) press Back button. You then need to tap on the part of the video that is loaded, select the dot button in the lower right corner of the video, and press the button Download it.

Finally, set the file name and storage location then select the button Download it once more and wait for the download process to finish. To be successful, make sure your internet connection is in top condition and your mobile storage space is wide.

Either the first or second way, unfortunately it can only be used for videos that are shared publicly. It should be noted, downloading private videos can disturb the privacy of other users especially if you are re-sharing.