Although in fact we are not permitted by Twitter to download videos that are shared on the platform, but there are ways that can be used to save them to smartphones. Twitter is one social media which until now is still widely used by users to convey its grievances. Almost the same as other social media, users can use text, images, or videos to do it in this platform.

It’s just that Twitter doesn’t give full freedom to the users. Besides only allowing users to create tweet with a limited number of characters, this platform uses embedded video so other users can’t download it.

The good news, there are many third-party services that can be used by Twitter users to download videos that have been shared on Twitter. You can use web-based applications or services in this case.

I myself prefer to use a web-based service to download videos from Twitter. One reason is because I can download videos without the need to use other applications which incidentally also requires internet quota.

From some of the services I’ve tried, be a web-based service that can be used in this regard. So that you are not confused about using this service, let’s discuss one by one step to use it!

The first step, you definitely need to open the video that you want to download from the Twitter application. Next, tap the video again to open a special video menu from Twitter.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile

From the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap the button Share the icon is located right. If the video sharing menu has appeared, select the option Copy to clipboard (the name may differ depending on the device used) to copy the video URL.

Close the Twitter application then open the browser application that you have. As a little suggestion, you can use Google Chrome so that the steps will not differ from what I will explain.

Using a browser, then open the page If the site is already open, paste the URL of the video that was successfully copied into the column provided then press the button Download it.

If successful, a video quality option will appear that can be downloaded. Press the button Download video file at the desired quality, then tap on the video playing and press the button Download it which appears in the lower right corner of the video.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile Without Installing Additional Applications

From the next menu that appears, you can change the file name and change the video storage if needed. Don’t forget to end it by pressing the button Download it.

If you use another type of browser, you can adjust it according to the browser. You can also use these steps in other video download services with a few adjustments.