YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to enjoy unlimited videos and music. Google has introduced official apps YouTube or YouTube Music for you. You can download the YouTube app from Google Play Store.

In a recent update to YouTube, the application allows you to download videos and music on your device’s storage memory. But if you want to download videos and music from this Google-owned streaming service, you, unfortunately, need to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which offers various additional benefits.

In simple words, YouTube Premium is a new name for the YouTube Red service, which offers ad-free viewing, exclusive content, and the option to listen to music behind the scenes.

YouTube Premium also offers an offline player feature that directly downloads videos and music in MP3. You can listen to those songs even if you are offline or not connected to the internet.

For those of you who are already users of this Premium service, here is a more detailed explanation of how to use the download feature to save videos and music on the YouTube platform.

How to Download Videos or MP3 Songs from YouTube

A. On YouTube App

  1. Search videos and music using the app YouTube
  2. Open the video if you find it
  3. On the video player page, click the button Download (down arrow icon) How To Download Songs From YouTube 1
  4. Wait until the button changes to Downloaded (tick icon) How to Download Songs From YouTube 2

To enjoy successfully downloaded videos or music while offline, the user can then open Library, go to section Downloads, then play the content as usual.

B. On the YouTube Music App

  1. Open the app YouTube Music
  2. Search and play the desired song
  3. Click the video or cover image of the song
  4. Tap the icon Download How to Download Songs From YouTube 3
  5. choose Audio Only to save it as sound file or required video quality How To Download Songs From YouTube 4
  6. Confirm by pressing the appropriate button

Just like on the regular YouTube app, users can find all the songs they’ve ever downloaded in Library. In particular, a new sub-menu will appear entitled Downloads on that page.

In addition to having to subscribe to a Premium membership, both methods above unfortunately require a native application (be it YouTube or YouTube Music) to play successfully saved videos or songs.

Therefore, if you need the option of downloading content as a common file (MP3 or MP4) so ‚Äč‚Äčthat it can be played through other applications, users need help from third-party services such as YTMP3.

C. Using Third Party Services

  1. Search for the video or song you want to save locally via the YouTube app
  2. Play when you find it
  3. Click button Share below video How to Download Songs From YouTube 5
  4. Choose an option Copy Link to copy video link How to Download Songs From YouTube 6
  5. Open the browser on the device you are using
  6. Visit page
  7. Paste the successfully copied YouTube link into the column Please insert a valid video URL How to Download Songs From YouTube 7
  8. Select the desired file by tapping MP3 or MP4 under the column
  9. Click Convert
  10. After the process is complete, select the option Download How to Download Songs From YouTube 8
  11. Follow the instructions that appear according to the browser type on the device

This method is worth trying if you want to download videos or songs as common files. But keep in mind, spreading let alone seeking profit from files that have been successfully downloaded is illegal.