If you are a Book reader, then you would also like to read e-books. As it is very convenient to save ebooks on your device and you can read it anywhere and anytime. Are you looking for any way to download free PDF of any Book?

Yes, you can download free PDF of almost any book. Here you will get the best sites or platforms where you can download Free PDF of any Book. Let’s see How and from where we can download Free PDF of any book.

An electronic book is the digital archive of a scientific or literary work to be read on an electronic device. Contrary to the name ebook there are those who call the audiobook as abook or the printed book pbook (paper book).

How to Download free PDF of any Book

Check hassle free steps to download free PDF of any Book.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Books website in the web browser by clicking play.google.com/books link.

How to download free PDF of any book

Step 2: This will navigate to the page where you found the list of books over there. You need to enter your email address and password before taking any step.

How to download free PDF of any book

Step 3: Scroll the list of books and choose the one you want to read. Or you can also type the name author, or the name of the title, or keyword in the search bar option which is mentioned at the top of the window. You can also go for an advanced search in order to download the pdf of a book.

Step 4: After getting the book, select the right three dots view on the lower side of a book’s icon.

Step 5: This will open a drop-down list. Choose the “Download PDF” tab. You can also click “Download EPUB” for Free eBook pdf download.

How to download free PDF of any book

Step 6: After selecting this icon, it will quickly download eBook in ACSM format. Then select your location and give your confirmation for free pdf book download.

Step 7: Then convert the downloaded eBook from Google file into pdf. For this, you need to change ACSM file into a readable.

Step 8: For this, go for ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-pdf/ link and drop your file on the Dropbox showing on the page.

How to download free PDF of any book

Step 9: Change your eBook title, if you want to and click the open tab.

Step 10: Then scroll the page and select the “Convert File” link and wait until your conversation gets finished.

How to download free PDF of any book

Step 11: At last, free eBook pdf will be downloaded automatically.

Note: In case, you don’t see any “eBook – Free,” link or tab in your Google Play Books website then it means you need to purchase that particular eBook in order to read it.

Other Hacks To Download Free Pdf Of Any Book

You can also check another Google hack to download pdf of a book directly and this method is very versatile.

Open Google and type this in the search bar: “Name of Book”

For example-

intitle:index.of pdf “Book title”

Through this extension, you will directly access the database directory. There you can download free pdf books. All you need to hit the link to download eBook.


If you want to download “Alchemist” then you can type

intitle:index.of pdf Alchemist

Or if you want any educational or practice book like “Quantum Mechanics”, then, Type in Google search bar:

intitle:index.of pdf Quantum Mechanics

Popular Websites To Download Free Online Books

There are been many websites which sounds grateful for the digital bookworms. Through these websites, you can easily download free e-books.

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Open Library
  • Internet Archive
  • BookBoon
  • ManyBooks.net
  • Free eBooks.net
  • LibriVox
  • PDF Books World
  • Feedbooks
  • International Digital Children’s Library

We are also going to show you another method to download free books step by step, although the first thing we have to highlight in this case is that there are different methods to do it, which simply differ from each other based on the platform from which the content is to be found.

That is why we are going to show you two initial methods, the first of them to download books through the search engine, and the second, to do it from one of the star platforms in the segment, Amazon.

Method 1 – Download from the search engine

  • Take the computer and enter any search engine, preferably Google.
  • Write “Download + Book name + PDF” because this way you will be able to read the content on any device, especially developed for these tasks.
  • You should start by trying your luck on the first pages, those that once again are more secure or are more likely to find the content you are looking for.
  • Click Download or Save, the document in question.
  • Once you have downloaded it, you only have to connect the eBook to the computer, and send the file.

Method 2 – Download from Amazon

  • Take your computer and enter any search engine, preferably Google.
  • Type “Amazon.”
  • Once you have written them, look inside the eBooks category, where you will find a large number of compatible with your Kindle, including several of them free.
  • Download the books of your choice, and read them on your electronic device.

Although we have previously shown you two platforms that can be considered initial to start having our favorite books in digital format, you must not lose sight of the fact that there are many others that you can also take into account in this style of situation.

The most important thing is that you always stick to the steps that we have shown you in method 1 if you want to search by book, or those that we have taught you in method 2, if you want to search by platform.

As you can see, it really is not required to download free books, because the first thing you should keep in mind is that you will need an electronic device to read the virtual book, such as a smartphone, a Kindle, among others. Apart from that, you will need the data of the book, such as its author and title.

In the same way, you will require the availability of an Internet connection, and a computer available in case the platform from which you want to download only allows you to enter in this way.

As an extra, we are going to leave you a series of recommendations to download free books. The first of them has to do with taking all the time you need to find the book you are looking for, keeping in mind that it may be available on one platform, but not on another.

Secondly, you cannot lose sight of the fact that we always advise downloading content from secure Web portals, that is, those that are first in search engines.

And if you are wondering how to download free books, then we will leave you a large number of page options to download free books to read hours and hours. If you were one of the people who used the Canteras de las Downloads portal, which has closed, you should not worry since there are many other alternatives to download free books.

Free books online

Business in PDF, biography, economy, fiction … It has many free books to download from this wonderful portal.

Free epub

This simple page is for fans of reading, provides free books in Spanish and free since your rights have expired. As you may be thinking, they are old titles and a large number of them very famous, such as “Fortunata and Jacinta”, “The Merchant of Venice” or “Don Juan Tenorio”. Free and classic literature in PDF.


This library that was created in 2005 focuses on free books online and without the need to register. Your download is 100% legal, as indicated.

You’ll find downloadable textbooks on history, natural science, personal and professional development, language books, math, statistics, history, and much more.

You just have to choose your ebook and download it, it will take less than a month.

Free books

It is not a portal to download books, but it is a search engine that gives you results of the title you are looking for in epub, mobi or pdf format.


This other portal for downloading free books is one of the easiest to use, although to make the download it is true that you have to go to an external page that will give you a .zip file but if strange things.

In addition to a book in PDF format, you will find other formats such as epub or mobi. Among its various genres we find war books, fantasy novel, novel, medicine, fiction and dozens of other genres.


This page to download free books gives you the possibility to download free books in PDF epub or for Kindle. It has a paid version, and the section of books in the public domain or free, whose download is 100% legal.

Free books can be downloaded without registering.


Like all portals to download free PDF books, they have their free version and their paid version. To have the possibility to see all the free ebooks that this portal has, you must enter where it says “Free books”.


On this page to download books online and of course, in Spanish, you can opt for the free option, with which after registering you will be able to enter all kinds of books to download without paying anything, and in turn you can find audiobooks. So if you didn’t know where to download free books, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Scribd in turn, in addition to being one of the pages to download free books, is an ideal platform if you want to upload your book to share it with the community and make it known.

The Gutemberg Project

This web portal has more than 53 thousand free books online in epub, Kindle and PDF to read online or download. It is one of the most famous pages for its great variety.

Advantages of downloading e-books

  • Books that are friendly to the environment, for the realization of the books it is necessary to cut hundreds of trees every year, entire hectares are razed and it takes a long time to recover them. Digital books require neither ink nor paper.
  • Speed, just by entering the link to download free books without registering and clicking the book you start downloading on your electronic device. The speed will depend on the Internet you are connected to, it is generally almost immediate, so you can start reading it instantly.
  • The space. You no longer need to have large bookshelves and libraries at home that take up considerable space. If you are one of those who read a great novel and then you don’t touch it again, then you fill up with a book that you will never see again. Now you will be able to have all the space you want without books.
  • They give you mobility. You can read them whenever you want and take them wherever you want, in addition to preserving your privacy since the cover will not expose what you are reading. You can download PDF digital books for free on any means of transport (train, car, plane, even by bike and on foot).
  • They are more protected. They won’t be affected by dust, moisture, a lit candle, and children’s crayons. They are correctly stored in the electronic device and in the event of being accidentally deleted, there is no problem in purchasing it again.
  • Simple to find, With the use of the Internet and the search engine tool, with the author or the name the pages that have the book are immediately opened. Although generally readers have some preferences for certain blogs and go directly to them to do the search.
  • They are interactive. At present it is possible to download applications that give the possibility to any electronic device to read PDF books and make some changes to them such as the screen lighting and the font size, which give the reader an index and word search engine that makes it easier to know where you last stayed.

It is frequently seen that a person reads the same book from two different devices, with the advances there is the possibility of linking them and the pages of the book are synchronized.

  • Print on the paper. If at home you prefer to read in physical form and you cannot find the edition that appeals to you or the book has not been released in stores in your language, you can also download the books for free online and then take them to paper.
  • Share the book. It is always necessary to wait for the family member to complete it so that it can be transferred to another, since that is not needed, since now everyone in the home has the possibility to read it simultaneously and avoid spoilers.

It is easier to share it with coworkers and friends, it is only necessary to send it by email or give it to them on a CD.

What devices to use to read ebooks

In recent years, the way in which many people reach literature has been completely transformed. This is due to the launch in 2007 of the Kindle, a very economical electronic reader compared to the costs of printed books and that offer the possibility of loading hundreds of works into its internal memory.

In many American and European countries, in some genres, such as science fiction, the sale of digital books exceeded that of free books in Spanish on paper. The positive thing about these electronic devices is that they have a technology called electronic ink: their screen pretends to be something similar to paper and does not generate brightness, so it does not cause discomfort in the eyes of readers.


It was the first device of this type to appear in the world. The developers were the staff of Amazon, the leader in sales of paper books and records via the Internet. Announced in 2011, it features WiFi connectivity and a six-flea screen.

It has a memory inside of two gigabytes and the estimated battery time of one month, although this will depend on the reading time and the use made of the WiFi network. It only weighs 170 grams and its measurements are 16.6 × 11.4 × 0.87 centimeters.

Nook touch

The Nook Touch is one of the other leading the market. It was made by the renowned Barnes & Noble bookstore, it has a six-inch touch screen of electronic ink, It weighs 221 grams and measures 165x127x12mm.

The device has two gigabytes in its internal memory that allows you to save up to a thousand books, and in turn expand its memory through a microSD card. As well as the Kindle, it has Wi-Fi connectivity, and apart from reading the most recognized formats of free books online, it also shows photographs.


It is a reader that is sold through the Grammata company. Version 6.1, which has a six-inch screen, is functional for all users. The battery allows ten thousand page turns.

Its measurements are 184x120x9mm and it reads the most popular formats of ebooks, at the same time that it has the capacity to extend the memory of the device which is 450MB, through microSD cards of up to 16GB. In turn, it offers the possibility of storing audio and listening to it with headphones.

Electronic books entered the publishing market like a whirlwind just a few years ago. Since then they have become one of the star gifts for Christmas and other events and festivities.

Although there are people who think that they can change an ereader with the Tablet or the mobile, the truth is that they are wrong: the features of the ereaders electronic ink screen are much more positive for reading than the LCD panels of tablets or smartphones.

The most relevant features of electronic books are the following:

  • The document weight is approximately one megabyte, minimum. The physical space is truly required by the server in which the file is stored (when it is a subscription service or it is a library) as well as the device that is used for reading or downloading (the limit of books it stores indicates this its memory capacity).

The bibliographic funds do not need, then, both display and paper, but they do need to be somewhere. Digital always needs a certain memory, whether it is small and we do not visualize it.

  • From the point of view of the reader, it will be convenient to enter the Internet to get e-books, either on an open network or by paying. The connection is not essential, since digital texts have the possibility of being saved and passed on media such as a USB stick or CD.

But, the majority of (published) digital texts will need to be downloaded at some point, either by yourself or by another user who acts as a content provider.

  • Unlike the pbook, the electronic book does not have a predefined container (containerless). Any device used to read it is (often) more expensive than a paper work, so one is more afraid of it being stolen or lost.

At least there is a possibility that the device is waterproof, even if it is an ereader.

  • The electronic book smells like the device in which it is opened, that is, especially metal or plastic. Nostalgics would probably like a spray to infuse their gadgets with the smell of printed books. Others, perhaps more than you think, appreciate being able to avoid the paper wad.
  • The ebook is read on devices such as a telephone, a smart watch, an ereader, a computer, a television, a game console or a tablet, which implies taking into account factors such as the screen (type of ink, lightness, fatigue visual and its consequences; in turn, orientation, resolution) and energy (duration, overheating and charge).
  • Pressing a key or a screen, for a millisecond, is enough to turn the page. The wind does not sabotage the screen we are on, although there is the possibility that other elements such as sand and rain may be problematic. It is not necessary to use saliva, there is no risk of cutting, but there are scratches and fingerprints.
  • Electronic devices have the possibility of connecting to others, for example via Bluetooth, so that the probabilities of reading can be multiplied.
  • Having a device at hand almost always with which to read digitally has encouraged the use of texts read little by little or briefly, and hence they have been suggesting electronic selections such as “Meanwhile Meanwhile Leo”, by Penguin Rando House.