Some Samsung smartphone users might not know that their smartphone can actually display the battery percentage directly in the status bar.

At first glance, visualization of the percentage on the battery is an important thing on smartphones because it is used as an indicator to find out how much battery capacity is left so that it can determine the optimal charging time.

You should not let the percentage actually run out to 0 because it will quickly damage the Lithium battery so it is advisable to charge the battery when it leaves between 15% to 30%. Therefore, knowing the percentage of the battery is very important.

Well for those of you who want to display the percentage of the battery on your Samsung cellphone then you can follow the following way.

How to display the percentage of Samsung battery

  1. Enter the application Settings on a smartphone
  2. Select menu Notifications from the list
  3. Press menu Status bar to enter advanced settings
  4. Activate it Show battery percentage
  5. If so, then the battery percentage will appear at the top right of the smartphone screen

Steps to Bring up the percentage of Samsung batteries

With the appearance of the percentage of the battery, you will more easily know the condition of the battery from the Samsung smartphone that is used. If you want to eliminate the percentage of the battery back, then you can follow the same steps.

In addition, you can also see the battery percentage in the Settings menu without having to activate the Show battery percentage feature. You can visit Settings> About Phone> Battery Information to see more complete information about batteries from a smartphone.

Those are two easy ways to see the percentage of battery in a Samsung smartph1. Actually there are many other ways to show it using third-party applications such as AIDA64, CPU-Z, and AccuBattery. But I think the tutorial is very easy to do for cloud people though.

In addition, the OneUI interface that is presented on Samsung-made smartphones has a comfortable and easy to learn layout. Moreover, there are large enough icons that make it easy for users to be able to see a variety of applications and menus, especially the percentage of battery.