How to Close Yelp Account

By going through the below-provided steps, you can merely delete yelp account. Please have a look..!!

Step 1. To remove yelp account, first, you need to log in your profile by Facebook or email ID and password.

Step 2. If you want to delete all content before closing the account, then you can reHow to Remove Yelp Accountmove it because after closing the account it will take some time to delete all the contents.

Step 3. Now, you have to open the yelp account closure page in the new tab.

How to Remove Yelp Account

Step 4. After that, you will see the online form where you have to write the reason for removing the yelp account.

How to Remove Yelp Account

Step 5. Now, you can press the send button which is available below.

Step 6. By doing this, you will receive an email on your email id, and you have to open.

Step 7. In the email, you will get a link to confirm your request of Delete Yelp Account.

How to Remove Yelp Account

Step 8. On the next page, you will receive a final link to Yelp Account Delete. You can click on the close account button.

How to Remove Yelp Account

Step 9. Now, your yelp account will be deleted and all your content will also be removed from your account.