As with other social media services, delete account on Smule can also be d1. It’s just that you need a little effort because the way to delete Smule Account is different from other social media.

The delete account feature is usually displayed on the account settings page, for most popular social media, Smule didn’t do it. This karaoke-based social media service does not include the delete account feature in the application or its webpage.

Smule may have its reasons why its services “make it difficult” for users to delete accounts. But regardless of the reason, you can delete your Smule account by using the following method.

How to Delete a Smule Account Permanently

  1. Open the page Submit Requests from the browser you are using.
  2. If so, select the menu Remove Smule Profile (Account Deletion) in the column Please choose your issue below to submit your support request
  3. Fill out the form provided, from the email address to the account deletion description.
  4. Don’t forget to read some conditions and check them.
  5. If you have already entered Captcha and click on Submit button.

Vital Records before deleting the Smule account

All types of VIP access subscriptions will not stop after deleting a report on the Smule service. Or simply, you will still be charged a monthly fee even though you have deleted your Smule account.

Therefore, you need to cancel or unsubscribe from VIP subscriptions on Smule before you delete the account. In this case, you can cancel it according to the subscription method you chose previously.

For those of you who subscribe through the Google Play Store or App Store, you can unsubscribe in the manner that applies to both services. While through, you can visit the Smule account settings page from the website.

In addition, the account to be deleted is an account that has been associated with the email address sent in the request. If you don’t have or want to change the email that you wish to link to, you can visit the Settings page, either from the application or the website.

As additional information, the account deletion process will be carried out for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 28 days. And everything related to uploads and profiles will be permanently deleted alias will not be restored.

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