How to Delete Skype Messages

How to Delete Skype Messages on your Desktop

Step 1. Launch Skype and log in to your account. Alternatively, you can also go to and log into your account and follow the same steps.

Step 2. On your home page, on the left side of the navigation, the chats with your contacts can be seen under the “Chats” tab. Select the conversation by moving the cursor on the chat that has to be deleted.

Step 3. Right click on the conversation and select “Delete conversation” from the drop down menu.

Step 4. The next pop-up asks for confirmation for deletion of the conversation and notifies that you cannot view this conversation anymore because it gets deleted for you. Click on “Delete”.

Step 5. On the chat page, you can notice that the selected chat has been deleted.

How to Delete Skype Messages on the Android Device

Step 1. Locate the Skype messaging app. It looks like a blue icon with the letter “S”. The home screen looks like the image on the right.
Select the conversation that you want to delete.

Step 2. Click on “delete conversation” in the next pop up to delete the conversation.

Step 3. Click on “Delete” when asked about confirmation for deletion of the conversation in the Delete Skype Chatbox.

Step 4. When you go to the Skype home screen you can see that the chat has been deleted.

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