Simple steps to follow to delete Music from iPhone:

Step 1. Open Settings in your iPhone.

Step 2. Select ‘General’ from the options.

Step 3. Then select ‘iPhone Storage’ from the new options.

Step 4. Wait till the iPhone calculates the storage and displays a list of apps on the screen.

Step 5. Scroll and click on ‘Music’ from the list.

Step 6. Press ‘Delete App’ to remove music from the iPhone.

To delete specific music from the iPhone Music library follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open Settings in iPhone.

Step 2. Scroll down to find ‘Music’ option, click on it.

Step 3. Select ‘Downloaded Music’ from the Downloads section.

Step 4. A list of Music will now appear on the screen now perform iPhone music delete from the library, by pressing each ‘–‘ sign in front of each music article.

You’re now ready to delete the Music app and particular music from the library on an iPhone.