As a WhatsApp user, you must sometimes have blocked a number of contacts who often send non-essential, spammy, or SARA chats. The contact number that has been blocked will naturally disappear from the WhatsApp contact list because it has been added to the block list so you will not be able to see it again when it is on the main page of the application.

Even so, you can delete the blocked numbers again if you feel like communicating or the contact is no longer disturbing. That way contacts will appear and can communicate again as usual.

Then how is it done? Follow the steps below to delete the WhatsApp number that you have blocked.

How to Delete Blocked Numbers on WhatsApp

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone
  2. On the WhatsApp main page, tap the icon point three at the top right of the application
  3. select Settings from the menu choices that appear
  4. On the next page, tap the menu AccountHow to Delete Blocked Numbers on WhatsApp
  5. Then enter the page Privacy
  6. Scroll down until you find the menu Blocked Contacts
  7. Next you will be shown a list of contact numbers that have been blocked previouslyHow to Delete Blocked Numbers on WhatsApp
  8. Tap the contact number you want, then select Unblock to unblock it
  9. On the application Contacts, You can delete the contact numbers that have been seen in the block list

You could say this way is very easy to delete numbers that have been blocked on WhatsApp and restore it to normal. In addition, of course you can choose to delete these numbers directly from the contact if you don’t want to communicate anymore.

With the large number of active users every day, WhatsApp also provides a variety of interesting features in it that facilitate interaction between users in real-time so that we don’t have to wait for messages during SMS.

One of them is this blocking feature which can be said to be very useful for you who often receive messages from strangers or others. That way you can get a calmer life because nothing can interfere with your communication experience.