Method 1:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and go to the page containing the application you want to delete.

Step 2. Long press on the application icon. This will make all the apps on the page jiggle and you will see ‘x’ symbols appear on the top left corners of all applications.

Step 3. Click on the ‘x’ button on the application you want to delete.

Step 4. A pop-up window will open asking you to confirm your selection.

Step 5. Click on ‘delete’ to uninstall the selected application.

Method 2:

Step 1. Unlock your iPhone and look for the ‘Settings’ application. It is the app with a grey icon.

Step 2. Click on it. This will open the settings page.

Step 3. On this page, find the ‘General’ settings option. It will be in the third segment of settings. Click on it.

Step 4. You will be taken to a new page. Here, look for ‘iPhone Storage’ and click on it.

Step 5. It will take your phone a few seconds to calculate your current phone usage. Wait for for the information to load.

Step 6. Once the information appears, scroll through the list of applications until you find the one you want to delete. Space the apps take up and the last used time will be printed along with the name. Click on it.

Step 7. The new screen that opens will give you two options- to delete or offload the application.

Step 8. To delete the application in its entirety, select ‘Delete App’.

Step 9. Your iPhone will ask for confirmation. Select ‘Delete’ once again. This deletes the application from your phone, along with all the information saved in it.

Step 10. However, if you offload the application, though the app will be deleted, your phone will keep saved the data about it. If you reinstall the app in the future, no information will be lost and you can begin from where you left. To offload the app, click on the offload button.

Step 11. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Select ‘Offload App’. The application will be deleted but the information saved.