with many application interesting available on the Google Play Store, making users often install lots of applications even though it is not really needed. Fortunately there are ways to delete many applications at once on Android.

Google Play Store provides a variety of applications that can be used by Android users. Starting from chat applications, social media, editing, gaming, and so on.

There are times when you want to try various applications in the Play Store. But over time, applications that have been installed actually not used at all. Impact, these applications actually meet the storage memory on smartphones.

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered, fortunately there are ways to delete many Android applications at once. This method can be done by relying on “help” from the Google Play Store.

Curious how to do it? Let’s just see how to delete many Android applications at once through the Google Play Store. Check this out!

  1. First, open the application Google Play Store
  2. Click the triple line icon at the top left or you can swipe right from the left to right screen
  3. Then choose My Apps & Games
  4. You will find a list of what applications are installed on your smartphone
  5. Next tap the ‘Installed’ column
  6. In the Installed column you will find Storage
  7. Then you just choose the application or game what you want to uninstall
  8. You will see how much storage memory will be saved by removing the application
  9. Before it is completely removed, a popup will appear that confirms whether you really will delete the application
  10. If you agree to delete the application, select Free Up

Done! Now these unused applications have been deleted from your smartph1. Very easy right?

That was how to remove many Android applications at once through the Google Play Store. Good luck and good luck!