It’s okay to say everyone should have an account on every social media. But of course you also have to think about it, with the number of social media accounts you have, the more complicated it is to manage them.

Indeed, there are some people who choose to use only one platform or several social media.

There are also those who gradually reduce the social media accounts they have. There are also those who add and multiply their social media accounts.

But whatever the reason, you have the right to delete your twitter account. Here’s how to delete a Twitter account that you can do via PC or cellphone.

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How to Delete a Twitter Account Via PC

You can delete your Twitter account via whatever device you are using. But here we are using a Laptop / PC as an example of the tutorial.

Whatever device you use, what you need to remember is the sequence of processes or steps. Because the appearance and menu on Twitter will remain the same on any device and anywhere.

Step 1: Open Settings

The first step to initiating deletion is to open your Twitter dashboard. Please login with your username and password.

After successfully logging in and entering the homepage. Look at some of the menus on the left.

Please select and click in full. After that several menu options will appear, select settings and privacy.

Step 2: Deactivate Account

After you click on settings and privacy as the command above, you will see a screen with several menu columns. Select => Account =>Deactivate your account.

After clicking deactivate account, then you just have to confirm the deactivation you did. And the process is complete. This knot.

Step 3: Delete Twitter Account

After you have done the second step above, the deletion has actually been completed. However, this is still temporary or not permanent.

If you want to delete it permanently. So don’t re-open and don’t open the account that you deleted at all for the next 30 days.

After passing 30 days, the twitter account has been completely erased permanently including all the data in it.

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How to Delete a Twitter Account Via HP

How to delete a Twitter account via a smartphone is as easy as what is done via a PC.

This method can be applied on all smartphone devices, especially Android. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Settings and Privacy

First, please enter your Twitter account first. After successfully entering the homepage.

Click your profile photo in the upper left. After that several menu options will appear. choose settings and privacy, the bottom number 2.

Step 2: Delete Twitter Account

Next, please select and click Account as the process carried out via the PC above. After that, to delete your Twitter account, select it Deactivate your account.

The process is complete. To delete it permanently do the same thing as said above. That is, don’t open the account for the next 30 days.

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