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Techhow – In order to delete a TikTok account, we do need to go through the ownership verification process. But can we still do it if we forget our password?

If it is the only verification method that can be used then the answer is of course ‘No’. This process is because it is very important to do so that the account cannot be tampered with irresponsibly by just anyone.

Without a verification process, account security will be more threatened. Just imagine how it would feel if someone accidentally deleted it after they managed to open our cellphone and enter the TikTok application.

Even so, we don’t need to worry. We can still delete our forgotten TikTok account by trying to recover or change it first. So the verification process can still be done.

Recovering passwords and deleting TikTok accounts can also be done directly through the application. Here are the steps to do it for those of you who can’t.

How to Delete TikTok Account Forgot Password

Recover Password

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Go to tab Profile
  3. Tap Menu (hamburger icon) in the top right corner
  4. Select menu Settings and privacy
  5. Go to section Manage accounts How to Delete TikTok Account Forgot Password - 1
  6. Tap Password
  7. Open WhatsApp, SMS or email from TikTok
  8. Copy the OTP code into the column provided
  9. Create a new password How to Delete TikTok Account Forgot Password - 2
  10. Press Next

After successfully changing the password, we can then delete the account in the usual way. Those of you who have never done that can listen to the steps in more detail.

Deleting TikTok Account

  1. Go to page Manage accounts as previously
  2. Tap option Delete account
  3. Select the reason for deleting the account and tap Continue
  4. Or tap Skip in the upper right corner if you don’t want to explain
  5. Press Request Download if needed
  6. Check description By continuing , you reviewed your data request and wish to continue deleting your account How to Delete TikTok Account Forgot Password - 3
  7. Tap Continue
  8. Review the terms of account deletion page then tap Continue
  9. Verify with new password
  10. Tap the button Delete account

By pressing the Delete account button, your TikTok account will be immediately deactivated for the next 30 days. The followers and other users will not find the profile that we have even though through the search menu.

During this period, the account can be reactivated. The permanent deletion process will take place after more than 34 days where later all data will be deleted and we cannot use it again.