Online studies have shown that many users have given up on a purchase after reading too many negative reviews. Here we will see how to remove a negative review from Google my business and avoid driving away users.

The potential consumer has more confidence in other users than in companies. It is not uncommon for companies in all fields to close due to extreme neglect of their electronic reputations.

Who can delete a review from Google my business?

Google allows all users to write reviews with their Google account regarding the places they have visited. All these reviews appear on Google Maps as well as on a company’s Google list. Google does not allow anyone to write reviews on Google anonymous.

Google makes all these reviews public, so anyone can see what they write. In future, if you change your mind about a place you reviewed, you can edit or delete the review when you log in to your Google account.

Unfortunately, however, you cannot block or delete a review on Google my business. However, you may be able to respond to negative opinions, request its removal, or report this negative opinion.

So don’t despair, here are some helpful tips for removing a negative review from Google my business.

Why delete a negative review from Google my business?

It is very important to understand that, a negative review on Google can drive potential customers away from your company. It makes sense that you want to remove a review from Google if it’s negatively impacting your business’s reputation.

Generally speaking, companies need to remove these reviews from Google because:

  • In terms of traffic, according to some online review surveys, Google is the most popular website in the world. It is dominating the online review market.
  • Most consumers check online reviews on Google before visiting a company, more than any other review site.
  • Google reviews are one of the most important search factors for a local business. These reviews are more influential than price estimates, proximity, and even search engine results pages (SERP).

Want to know how to remove a negative review from Google my business?

It’s a frequent question from customers and readers alike. After all, a negative review on Google can damage an online reputation. This is especially true if you stand out in a search result for a company on Google.

Once your business profile receives a rating. Google my Business automatically notifies you by email. If it is negative, it is better to take a screenshot to get any necessary evidence.

Any day that bad review is visible to your potential customers will have a negative impact on your business. Then you must act quickly. Pay attention to how to remove a negative review from Google my business quickly and effectively.

What if you run a business on Google and want to remove a particularly negative Google review?

You won’t find a Delete button below each review you want to delete. It is not so simple.

Most of the time, companies that get online reviews removed or edited on Google. This can be done after a very particular and not so easy process.

If you want to know how to eliminate a negative review from Google my business and earn positive points in favor of your company, let us help you in this process. This process is based on conquering the client and asking them to edit or delete the review.

Conquer the customer and then ask them to edit their review for your business

You can protect your business by negative reviews by addressing customers in respect of their feedback and improve those factors and strengthen and protect your online reputation.

Respond to the review submitted by the user

If you respond to the review which has been submitted by the user, you have a better chance of keeping the customer. Address the specific issues raised by the reviewer and let them know that you are committed to providing solutions. Don’t forget to thank the customer for taking the time to share their thoughts.

In the eyes of other potential customers, public response to a negative review can also give you assurance. Listening to the voice of the customer and dealing with problems is part of the company’s concern for users.

Reach out and ask if they still feel the same

If you think you can successfully solve your customers’ problems, go ahead and ask them if they still have a negative impact on your business. Make follow-up calls, send an email, and invite them to return to your business location.

If you manage to win customer trust, you are a successful businessman. If so, congratulations. You have the potential to become a talented business developer with reliable entrepreneurship skills.

Ask them to edit or delete their Google review

Anyone with a Google account can edit or delete a review they have written. But your customers may not know exactly how they can do this. To do this, they must follow the following step by step:

  • The client opens Google Maps on their computer or device.
  • In the upper left corner, you must click Menu (3 horizontal lines).
  • Locate your contributions and click and choose Comments.
  • Next to your review click on More (3 points)
  • Finally, choose an option (edit or delete) and follow the instructions.
Find ways to speed up the process of removing a negative review on Google my business

In addition to marking the review using Google my Business control panel. You can also speed up the process of removing a Google review by requesting a callback, requesting chat, or email support. So:

  • In Google my Business, click on Menu, then search for Support
  • A pop-up window will appear, there you must search for Contact us and click on Need more help.
  • Choose Customer Reviews and Photos or Manage Customer Reviews
  • Finally you choose between any of the three contact options: request a callback, request a chat or assistance by email and follow the instructions.

Delete a review from Google my business and build a 5-star reputation

Knowing how to remove a negative review from Google my business can help you protect your online business reputation and earn a 5-star reputation. Sure, there is no simple or straightforward way to remove a review that could harm your reputation.

But following the tips and tricks above can prepare you for situations where you can benefit from deleting or editing a review on Google. Many people are tempted to remove negative reviews from their establishment’s profile to avoid a bad reputation from their company.

By eliminating the negative opinion of a dissatisfied customer, you expose yourself to the possibility of a bad public recommendation. People are becoming more connected. Nothing is easier than proclaiming loud and clear on social media how disappointed you are in a company.

If you face a negative comment, it is best to respond tactfully and diplomatically.

A response that takes into account unsatisfied customer feedback will show readers that you have a professional attitude. In addition, that negative comments are also part of business growth.

How to Delete a Google Review

Here is a guide to delete review on google business.

Step 1. Open your browser and navigate to google maps from this link:,77.09135,11z

Step 2. There click on the hamburger icon at the top left corner. As shown in the image below:

how to delete a google review

Step 3. Then a tab will open from where you have to hit on the “Your contributions” option. As shown in the below image:

how to delete a google review

Step 4. It will open a new panel for you on the left side of the Google map. Here you will find all the reviews or photos you have contributed on the Google maps by far to review a location.

Step 5. So, from that segment click on the Reviews tab as you can see in the below image.

how to delete a google review

Step 6. It will show all the reviews you made on the Google map to date.

Step 7. Find the review for which you want to remove google business review.

Step 8. For Google my business reviews remove, you have to click on the three-dotted icon at the top right of that review. Check in the image below:

how to delete a google review

Step 9. It will pop up a menu for you. From there you select the “Delete review” option.

Step 10. A prompt will appear for a confirmation if you really want to delete that review, so, you click on the Delete button. Check the below image:

how to delete a google review

Step 11. That’s it; the Google business review is removed now.