In 2018 ago, Xiaomi was ranked fourth in the world. Of course, this is a proud achievement for Xiaomi during the struggle of the past few years.

But sometimes, Redmi users are often annoyed by the presence of bloatware (the default HP application), which is annoying because it takes up internal capacity or RAM when not in use.

For this reason, many Xiaomi smartphone users feel curious to deactivate this deemed useless application, so it doesn’t consume too much RAM capacity. Well, for those, who are interested in disabling the application, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Deactivate Applications on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

  1. First, turn on your Xiaomi smartphone or cellphone.
  2. Furthermore, just open the application or Settings menu.
  3. On the Settings page, you can choose ‘Installed Apps’ option.
  4. Next, enter the page Manage Apps, from here you can select the system application that you want to deactivate.
  5. For example, I tried to deactivate the Browser application.
  6. Next, I choose the application Browser and will move to the information page Browser
  7. At the very bottom, you can choose Disable option right away.
  8. Furthermore, the application will automatically deactivate on Xiaomi’s cellphone

Disable the Xiaomi App

For the record, the application that can be deactivated on the Xiaomi mobile phone is usually the default application that has existed since the beginning of the purchase because often, the application installed itself can still be uninstalled or installed as desired by the user.

However, you must be careful, not to deactivate the application in the Xiaomi cellphone because some are applications for the system components. If the application of this system component is disabled, it will usually have fatal consequences for the operation of the operating system. It will often even hang when it is incorrectly deactivated.

Meanwhile, if you want to reactivate the disabled application, you can return to the Installed Apps page found in the Settings menu. Later Gadgeter can choose the desired form, such as a browser.

After the Browser info page opens, you can simply press the Enable button to reactivate it. You could say this one way is very easy for even Xiaomi novice users.

According to us, this is one practical way to deactivate an application on the Xiaomi cellph1. But if you have another way to deactivate the application, you can write it down in the comments column below.

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