The Calendar app on our Mac, like that of its version for iPhone or iPad, has several ways to view time periods. We can check our events from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view. In addition, within these visualizations, we can make some of the most interesting adjustments to be able to have a quick idea of ​​the information of our day to day at a single glance.

Annual view: number of color-coded events

In the case of the annual view, the calendar of the Mac allows us to see the number of events each day in the form of a color code. With this visualization it will be very easy to see which are the calmest and most dynamic days of the different months.

We can activate this option in the app settings. The steps are the following:

  1. We open the app Calendar on our Mac.
  2. On the menu Calendar we choose preferences.
  3. We enter the tab Advanced.
  4. We activate Show events in annual view.

Now we can access the view Year, which we find in the central part of the upper bar of the app, and we will see a representation of the annual calendar with our events.

The gradation of colors, which goes from light yellow to deep red, in which the different days are shaded, corresponds to how busy we have, or have had, the day in question. The app Calendar takes into account the schedule of events when setting the color code. One day with one event at 6 a.m., another one at 12 noon and one more at 9 p.m. will be colored as less busy than the other with two events in a row from 11-13 and 15-17.

Weekly view: business hours

In the weekly view, the Calendar app shows us our daily lives in a certain time range. This time range, that is, the earliest and latest hour that shows us on screen can adjust it to suit our working hours or which, due to our habits, usually contains the majority of events and notes. The steps to follow are these:

  1. We open the app Calendar on our Mac.
  2. On the menu Calendar we choose preferences.
  3. We enter the tab general.
  4. We adjust The day begins at: and The day ends at:.
  5. We adjust * Show: [X] hours at a time.

By adjusting the number of hours we see at a time we can cover more or less temporary space according to our needs. Let’s keep in mind that how many the more hours we see at the same time the smaller its size and more compressed we will see the information.

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Easy, right? Whether it is finding the ideal dates for a trip or a vacation or to see how we have the week at a glance with this couple of options we can do it with more comfort.