Follow the below steps to customize your new tab page:

Step 1. Open a New Tab page in Chrome by either clicking the Plus button at the top, or using the shortcut Ctrl + T. When in default settings, you see the New Tab page opens with a search bar, Google’s logo, and links to Web Pages that you have visited the most seen as thumbnail icons/tiles.

Step 2. To customize the default New Tab page, you need to move your mouse on one of the thumbnail tiles that you want to edit or delete.

You will see a three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the tile, click on it. Now you can edit its name or URL or select remove to delete the thumbnail from the page. This deletes the thumbnail you chose to withdraw from the page.

There is also a Plus button that lets you add a new shortcut of your choice, similar to how you add a new bookmark, provide a name and URL for it. This is one of the features of chrome new tab customize that helps you select to add a shortcut for the website of your choice to display on the New Tab page.

Step 3. You will see a display message at the bottom of the New Tab page showing that the thumbnail was removed when you deleted any thumbnails.

These thumbnails are created from your browsing history, picking websites that you frequently visit. When you remove the tile, the associated link in your browsing history is not deleted. Therefore, you can quickly get the thumbnail back, by clicking the Undo link at the bottom of the New Tab page.

To restore all the thumbnails you have removed; click the Restore all link at the bottom of the New Tab page.

The message and links seen at the bottom of the New Tab page will automatically go away after a while.

Step 4. The few more things you can do to change New Tab page chrome without requiring installing any third-party extension. This is change the white background with a background screen of your choice.

To do this, click the small Gear icon on the bottom-right corner, you will see a small window open showing the option to change the page’s background or upload an image of your own.

Step 5. You will find several choices of chrome background images and pick one of your choices. Alternately, upload an image from your own gallery and set it as the background of your New Tab page. Click the gear icon again to restore default background or come back to the default icon display in the New tab page