Nowadays, barcode or QR Code is widely used to make it easier for people to access some short information. Especially with the rapid development of smartphones, everyone can easily create and access QR codes for information such as product prices, wifi passwords, website links, locations and others.

One of the most widely used QR codes that people use is to show the location map. Location maps can now be displayed in the form of a QR Code, which can later be traced using a map application such as Google Maps and others.

Here is the team TechHow will provide easy tips on how to create a QR code for the location. Check out the following tips!

  • Install the QR-Code reader and maker application. One of them like the one we use below is QR Scanner & Barcode Maker. Or if an application such as this is available pre-install on your smartphone, you can use it directly.
  • Open the map application. Here we use the Google Maps application. Then find the location you want.
  • After the location is found, select share and copy link from that location.
  • After the location link has been successfully-copy, reopen the QR Code & Barcode Maker application. Select on the bottom right, which is Create QR Code.
  • Select the “website” menu, then enter the location link that has been-copy then click OK.
  • Then your QR Code has been successfully created, save the QR code image that you created earlier or you can share it directly to the chat and email application.


That was how to make a QR code for the location of the map. The way is very easy, and you can apply it only by using a smartphone.


Usually QR codes like this are used for printing wedding invitations, event venue and so forth. By embedding a QR code, users no longer need to bother looking for the address manually, just scan the QR Code and open it using the Maps application.